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Le Groupe GEKA fabrique depuis 1919 des cisailles-poinçonneuses pour le traitement des cornières, de platines et de profils pour les secteurs de la construction de structures métalliques et de pylônes pour les réseaux de lignes de télécommunications ou de la menuiserie métallique.


  • New Bendicrop Models
    We are glad to introduce you new Geka's Bendicrop models (60 S/SD and 85 S). Metal fabricators and construction companies often have to perform simple bending operations. GEKA has developed the Bendicrop Series, in addition to the cutting, punching and notching stations, holds a permanently fitted bending station.
  • Posicionador
    This is an equipment with 2 linear lasers integrated in the punching Stripper. Both laser beams cross in the middle of the die-punch. Therefore, you can lay the piece easily just placing the punching point exactly where the lines cross.
    It is a system that allows you to drill beams up to 1m high. SIGMA is fast, powerful and versatile And above all, SIGMA guarantees productivity, comfort and savings, because from now on you will not need the crane to rotate and drill the beam: SIGMA 110 does it all in a single movement!
  • New CAD/CAM software LINEPRO by GEKA
    Allows multiple production and machine control operations in the same program. Its intuitive interface makes possible a quickly and effective learning. Our special attention to usability, increases productivity thanks to its easy user interface.
  • Gamma 100
    Geka Automation presents its new Gamma line!
    Our new traction system with a feeder trolley, combined with the two punching units and with a servo-controlled gauge for each wing, offers a new solution that reduces the size of the machine and allows you to achieve maximum precision.



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